Monthly Archives: June 2008

Why should buyers buy now?

The question on everyone’s mind is when is the best time to buy a home in Maryland?  Other than the obvious where you are moving here and have no choice, the answer still could be now!  With all of the media blitzing the airwaves with constant bad news about the houseing market it makes us all wonder if we are buying too soon.  Should we wait a little longer in case the home prices keep going down?  Well, here is a thought for you.  You can put off all of the benefits of home ownership until the cows come home if you prefer.  But if you continue to wait, you may miss a real opportunity to buy your dream home at a rock bottom price.  Right now you can think like the sellers think.  They know that buyers are looking for the "rock bottom" price.  They also assume that all buyers are going to give a low offer.  So what seems to be homes that are priced a little high in some neighborhoods compared to others, may be the ones that will accept your low offer that is less than the ones price low, but not able to or don’t want to negotiate much less than their asking prices.

So if you have been putting off buying what you want for the price you want, today may still be the best time to start making offers on the best deals that we have seen in years.  Best wishes in your home search.