Monthly Archives: May 2011

Media reports vs polls

The media can’t sell advertising space if they aren’t preaching the gloom and doom story of the moment. Don’t let your potential buyers fall for the latest media buzz. The fact is, many Americans think now is a good time to buy. With reduced sales prices and mortgages still artificially depressed, we have an opportunity to build wealth that we may not see again. Don’t believe the T.V. and don’t believe me, rather, check out what the 3 largest surveys of the American Public are reporting.

When determining people’s feelings about buying a house, we prefer to trust polls and surveys which report on what people are actually thinking instead of taking the word of a ‘talking head’ on television or a newspaper trying to draw subscribers. A perfect example: the three separate surveys which have come out in the last few weeks discussing what Americans really think about the value of buying a home.

1. The Gallup Poll which showed that 69% of Americans think this is a good time to buy.

2. Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey which reported that Americans believe that homeownership is the investment with the most potential. They chose owning a home over other traditional investments such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds.

3. The Pew Research Center study Home Sweet Home says that 81% agree that buying a home is the best long-term investment a person can make.

Bottom Line

There are many experts telling us what people currently think about homeownership as an investment. We’ve decided to listen to the people themselves.