First time homebuyer changes view of Realtors after working with Joe Wathen

Andy and I wanted to thank you for the exceptional service you gave us when we were looking for our first house.  As first time homeowners we had many questions and didn’t understand all the intricacies of real estate.  When we first started looking we unfortunately went with a different realtor.  The result was very unsatisfactory.  It gave us a bad impression about real estate agents.  It also didn’t help make the process any easier for us. A very happy couple who was also first time homebuyers recommended you to us.  We were wary and nervous to try a new agent.  On the advice of our friends we went ahead and scheduled an appointment with you.  Our first meeting put our worried minds to rest.  Your enthusiasm and dedication to your job made us feel very comfortable.  Your constant reminder that you were working for us allowed us to feel at ease.  After discussing what we were looking for in a home, you immediately jumped into finding us the perfect home.  Unlike the first realtor, you returned our phone calls and fit us into your schedule when it was convenient for us. You would think that was enough but we believe, Joe, you took the extra strep in helping us out.  You know we were anxious to get into a home. Most realtors would jump on that and push us into the first thing we took interest in.  When we did find a home we were very interested in your pointed out potential problems we could face in the future with the house.  As first time homebuyers these were items that we would have overlooked.  Due to your help, we opted not to buy that house.  Instead of getting aggravated with us, you practiced much patience and diligently kept searching for a home. That practice is appreciated.  With your assistance, we found our perfect first home.  All through the settlement process you were available for questions and our many concerns.  Settlement went off without a hitch and you even saved us money.  What more could a client ask for?  Along with your vast knowledge of the real estate industry, you provided us with the names of qualified and affordable handy mans for the new items that we wanted to on in the house. The real estate profession is fortunate to have you as a representative.  You are truly an asset to RE/MAX and to us.  We can’t thank you enough for the phenomenal service you gave us.  It was a pleasure to work with you Joe.  There is no doubt in our mind that we will be calling you first when we are ready to move to a new house.
Andy and Laura Diltz

Patience pays off for first time homebuyers working with Joe Wathen, Realtor.

In the Spring when my husband and I decided to start looking for our first home, we found Joe through a realty site. He was the first to get back to us and the only one who had written a personal message in response to our query. We hemmed and hawed about whether we were ready and even stepped back from our search for almost a month. Throughout that time, Joe was very patient with us and let us know that he'd be here when we were ready and comfortable. Once we had made up our mind, he was able to take what we said we wanted and information he gathered while we were looking, things we didn't even know we wanted which lead to us finding our home. When it came time to close, his patience came into play again as he walked us through the process and made excellent recommendations for other professionals who are necessary to buy a home. My husband and I felt confident and taken care of throughout the entire operation. Thanks, Joe!
Chris & Talia L

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